Anya Nami - Bread (музыка из тик тока 2024)

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Текст песни

All I all I all I all I
Wanted was a bit of bread
Mama called me disappointment papa called me fat
I like it garlic rye and brown
Banana honey bun brioche
Focaccia naan bagel baguette and criossant
I like it black and white
I like it thick and fried
It's always on my mind

Look at my bakery
I got some cake, I got it flavoury
It's hot and spicy, sweet and savoury
Bake it, cook it, make it right
Matzo, pizza make me high
Sold my mom for a piece for pie bye bye

Oh mamma mia, that was a bad idea
Explosive diarrhea
That glutens really bad
But sorry bread makes me kinda horny
My homies try to warn me
I'm celiac and dead

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